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MDLogistics, llc was established in 2020 through a collaborative partnership of four individuals with a very specific set of skills. Kiya Safai, Founder of MDLogistics, LLC, Burnie Nawn, Lesmari Janse van Rensburg, and Ettienne van Vuuren combined their backgrounds, skills, experiences and abilities in Leadership, First Responder Training & Support, Logistics, and Philanthropy to support and empower first responders to safely serve the communities in their charge.

MDLogistics' strength originates in serving our communities and sets us apart from opportunists looking for profiteering. Building and enhancing MDLogistics communiy-based relationships.

MDLogistics understands the unique needs of our customers and focuses on a supply chain of superior products and services.  We believe in consistently providing top quality PPE to Front-line Workers and First Responders..

We source products in an environmentally sound and sustainable fashion. We do this through our relationships with reputable suppliers who have an established history of high quality and reliability.

We specialize in high volume quality critical  supplies all over the world.

MDLogistics, llc  has reliable  international medical manufacturing  suppliers