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We are an international Medical product supplier/ Logistical company located in Salisbury, Maryland.

Sourcing of Medical PPE


We provide high quality masks:

3M N95 (1860 & 8210) Respirators DIRECT from 3M, no middle-man, no distributors, no brokers, no upfront commitments or payments.  JUST YOU AND 3M!!!

Also available, levels 1 through 5, 3-ply medical and surgical masks.

 i.  3M (N95) - Order DIRECT from 3M

ii.  3 Ply ear-loop Non-woven                        Disposable Medical  Masks

iii. Level 3 and higher, duck-billed              surgical masks


Our high quality gloves include:



Nitrile gloves; non-latex, non-powder disposable medical examination gloves, resistant against fluids, substances and a range of common chemicals. We can provide the following gloves:

i. Nitrile

ii. Latex

ii. Hard Chemical based gloves

We offer Disposable and non-disposable polyethylene protective gowns.

International Medical Supplier and Logistical Company


If you want to speak DIRECT with 3M; no middle-man, no distributor or broker, and no upfront commitment or payments...Contact Us!

Medical Suits protective against Covid-19
Body Storage Bags

Full body protective suits in the fight against COVID19 Virus.

3ply Surgical Medical Mask